Our Reporting

Emerging Applications

WRW is the leading independent news provider on innovative technologies requiring regulatory access in a competitive global environment. Few shortcuts exist for boosting access to scarce spectrum and orbit resources.


Understanding the interference environment is a cornerstone for many applications. Understandings are changing in the bid to spur new approaches and more efficient use. The devil however is in the details, which can mean the difference between success and failure for new or developing ventures.

Spectrum Risk

Our experienced reporters and editors dig persistently to uncover risks to spectrum and orbit use, and are often the first to report new, unwarranted or unjustified risks.

Satellite Procedures

Changes to satellite procedures can open up new opportunities for operators, or conversely can result in new requirements. WRW delivers an edge to shape decisions.

Trade and Compliance

Changes to trade and compliance regimes can spur new opportunities for cross-border trade in innovative technologies and services, or new requirements and penalties for non-compliance.


Enforcement regimes and penalties are ramping up. We uncover risks stemming from interference, changes to import and export licensing rules, and enforcement policies.

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