Frequently Asked Questions

General Info
Who subscribes to World Radiocommunication Week?
Our subscribers are leading regulators, aeronautical, space, maritime and defence agencies, satellite and mobile operators, ministries and intergovernmental organizations, aeronautical concerns, consulting companies, law firms and manufacturers
Is this type of publication common?
Yes.  Specialized information periodicals are generally focused on one main topic and have been around for more than one hundred years.  The industry is represented by the Specialized Information Publishers' Association
What is World Radiocommunication Week?

World Radiocommunication Week is a publication of hard news.  We report who's saying what using clearly identified sources.  World Radiocommunication Week is known for its objective and independent news reporting.

World Radiocommunication Week delivers:

• Timely, precise regulatory and technical reportage
• Valuable market and behind-the-scenes insight
• Innovative thinking from the spectrum elite
• Independent, objective reporting

Is World Radiocommunication Week written by engineers or affiliated with a particular group?
World Radiocommunication Week is an independent publication.  The report is produced by correspondents using standard journalistic practices and who are trained to report news on technical regulation.  World Radiocommunication Week is written by correspondents with many years of experience, not policymakers or stake-holders. 
How does World Radiocommunication Week maintain its editorial independence?
We have no stake in any particular position, therefore our reporting is as unbiased as possible.  We avoid real and perceived conflicts of interest.  We follow standard journalistic practices for reporting news.  We don’t publish articles written by vested interests.  We don’t publish anonymous or unsubstantiated potshots.  The levels of attribution used with sources and for source material is exceptional.
How does World Radiocommunication Week pay its operating expenses?
World Radiocommunication Week uses a fee-based subscription model.  We don’t accept advertising, gifts or outside funding.
Is the subscription price expensive as compared to similar publications?
A subscription to World Radiocommunication Week is not costly as compared to other specialized information publications covering regulation. 
What are the benefits of a subscription to World Radiocommunication Week?
World Radiocommunication Week can save time, effort and money by delivering timely news.  We monitor hundreds of websites and other sources, deliver exclusive interviews with industry and government leaders, and provide timely, unbiased reporting found nowhere else.  
Technical Info
What do I get when I register on the website?
A paid subscription is required for access to the report.  A paid subscription entitles designated users access to the website during the subscription period, online editions of World Radiocommunication Week, and the archives. 
How do I subscribe?

Register on the WRW website then login to pay for a subscription with either a credit card or to generate an invoice for payment by bank transfer --

Alternatively, please fill out this form and an invoice or quotation will be sent:



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